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Website promotion in Kharkov. Website promotion in all cities of Ukraine. Learn more about source promotion in your city you can here.

How a seller took a small amount of dollars for promotion in the U.S.. The primitive technologies of promotion in search engines like Yahoo and Altavista were used. Since that time more than sixteen years have passed. During this time search engines have formed, the algorithms have changed, the process of ranking websites was improving and etc.

The main goal of the SE is to request the issuance of an accurate result. Today, the site owners are still willing to promote the resource, because it affects on the person’s business.

  • We are ready to offer the full range of our services on the sites promotion:
  • Site snslysis
  • Calculating of the costs
  • Internal optimization
  • Advacement and promotion of the sites in the SE (searching engines),
  • Contextual advertising GoogleAdwords and YandexDirect  

Search engine SEO promotion is a low cost and effective method of advertising through Internet. SEO-promotion allows you to get your target audience to your site. Get interested in your goods and services people.


How can Elite-studio help you?

For many years of experience in the market of Ukraine, we organized experts who are cast to their work. Thanks to our advanced staff, we try to solve non-standard and non-trivial task.

  • Work on the resource
  • Work plan of site promotion is dividing into several stages
  • Undergoing planned free service "internal optimization". What is it for? It is making for better search engine visibility of your website. Affected service META-tags that are not visible to users.
  • There are making analysis of optimized pages and translinking with hyperlinks.
  • If necessary, our copywriters will write unique content for promoted pages.
  • The final phase is checking of the done work on the html-code, page titles, decoration with information on the pages, clearly laid out text, both for users and for search engines.

The cost of site promotion and terms of bringing to the TOP-10, TOP-5, TOP-3

The cost of site promotion is generated for each site individually. Promotion starts from 1500 UAH per month. For high-frequency requests from 4 month, on LF (low frequency) requests and MF (middle frequency) needs 2-3 months. The initial works is making to reach the TOP-10, after the achievement of this result to the goals you can add TOP-5 or TOP-3. Budget in the TOP-5 will exceed by TOP-10 by 30%. And TOP-3 in 50% of the cost will be higher.

What you get as a result:

You get additional requests during the promotion with bonus. For example, your primary promoted high-frequency query "car repair". Users can get to your site by a number of other queries such as "car repair in Kiev", "quality car repair", "car repair prices" etc. These requests will not appear in the contract, but thanks to it, users can get to your site. Our main goal is increasing of attendance of your resources and increasing sales from your website.

Our main goal  is to increase attendance of your resource and increase sales from your website.

Our obligations and guarantees:

We highly value your trust! You pay for the good results of work performed. If we, for some reason, for a specified period of not fulfilling obligations output of your resource in the top 10, you are in favor of the request does not pay. We commit ourselves to output not derived words for our money. If the duration of our contract of keyword is three months, after this period, is starting the service "resource support". In the fourth month, you pay 20% less from the previous three months and after the fact. For example, we promote 10 your queries, after ending of 3 months only 8 of 10 queries remained on the TOP. You pay only for these 8 remained requests and 2 requests we promote for our own money.


Order free miscalculation of the key searches today!


What is a site promotion? The first thing a person faces with, when he starts his surfing in Web, is a search engine. After all, there are an incredibly large number of sites. To choose the most suitable for you help search engines, and they are trying to take into account everything that is possible. You enter a query in response the list of links is given. Moreover, 99.9% of users do not go beyond the first, maximum the third page of issue. And then the question arises: if there are many sites on your topic, than how to make sure that your site will be found by anyone whenever?

SEO promotion is the process of the web resource promotion as high as possible by the SERP. Usually it is about the promotion to the TOP-10 (first page) by certain specialized queries (keywords) that are the most relevant topics of your website.

The site promotionis a complex job that includes a lot of different activities, from optimizing the content, its software code, file management, to the active and extensive advertising campaigns and strategies. First of all, an experienced specialist in the promotion will be interested in what algorithms are used by search engines to understand what you need them to give for a high rating of resource. Qualitative analysis is also a key to success. Because just using it you can figure out what is the key of solving the problem with the site, if it exists, or to track user behavior, the results of all measures of promotion. 

Conditionally all can be divided into external and internal factors of progress. In addition, for each subject, and depending on the competition need to use different strategies. That is doing SEO-specialist. As a result, your website reaches the desired position in the issue, and in the end users, customers, in other words, customers who bring you profit.

To order SEO-promotion in our studio is very easy and profitable. We do not charge fees, and work accurately, transparently and efficiently.