The development of the site design

The design in the broadest sense forms is a perception of any object, services or anything it was .Therefore, a good design defines the first impression, and also measures how comfortable people are feeling themselves when they are on your resource

The development of the site design is a process of the creation of the resource's "face". It is necessary to consider two main points: the visual impression that it makes, and usability. Moreover, their combination should be harmonious. What is usability? This is how your site will be comfortable for the user, how quickly and easily he will find the necessary information, how the control elements, menu items, the various blocks will be situated. 

The design as a phenomenon differs from the crafts with that, first of all that, focused on the user. He, first of all, must feel himself comfortable.


The good design also helps to percept the information,
which is located on the site.


It is very important to use the knowledge of psychology and merchandising for the developing of the websites design, especially online stores and any selling resources, but not only follow their aesthetic preferences.


How to start the design development?

The design development begins with a brief. That is a summary of "a verbal scheme" of the desired view and the site structure. Very well, if the client specifies which existing resources he likes to see their example, and understand what he wants to get as a result.

For the best quality development it will be important if the customer specifies the target audience and what prospects for his project he sees. Based on these requests account-manager makes the technical specification for the design development.

The designer gets to work, and then the already-made sketches are sent to the customer. The approved sketch is completing and makes up in pages. The result is not just a picture, but an interactive page that opens in the browser.

There are many techniques, tricks and rules, which are used in creation of the sites appearance. First of all, it is connected with easy perception of the site and its functionality. The artistic value of the site is an important factor as well. But only a harmonious combination of these two factors leads to the good result.


In addition: The "pitfalls" or errors that often are made during the design development.

"In each person the artist lives"

The story will not be about the errors of the composition, colors of the other detail oriented things. There is one factor that often prevents the rapid development of the design, it's dominance of personal aesthetic tastes of common requirements for compliance with the composition, colors, fonts, and the structure of the subject site.

The point is that even if the client wants to make from his resource a kind of masterpiece, use a big number of colors, fonts, ornaments, it will not always be relevant. For example, if a site has a lot of functional elements, the designer’s unnecessary "bells and whistles" are completely useless. Often, simplicity and functionality are the greatest “trumps” for the site design.

At the same time, it is impossible to make the design emotionless and boring. The "golden mean" is important, and it is better to trust the designers who have a great experience and constantly meet new effective techniques in the industry, monitor the successful resources to use all the resulting knowledge for their developments;

"Infinity in the search of perfection" 

That's how sometimes we can imagine a temporary space, which lies between the process of writing the brief and existing design. It is absolutely logical that the client wants to make your resource the best, but do not delay the process of revisions and work out the details for a very long time. Practice shows that what has been done "in one go" is very popular, because it introduce as the entire image. The measure knowledge is one more useful quality!


Yes, exactly usability, that means, the simplicity and easiness of the site using makes it attractive to visitors. You should not forget about that. Even if you show the masterpieces of art and music, present brilliant ideas and offer products at the lowest prices, but to get to the right section or see your proposal will require a lot of time and efforts, your site will not become popular. In the battle for the customer every second, every little element that makes its "life" on the site more user-friendly is a huge trump!