The online store creation

Now we are living in new technologies era, and more and more people are exploring the world of internet, becoming its ardent admirers. More often, we are catching ourselves on thought that we do not want to waste time on shopping, spending our valuable time on visiting shops in search of the necessary items, while the same result can be achieved with the help of Internet, allowing you to find the desired item in a couple of minutes.

At the same time car owners also took this principal. They also want to save their time and quickly find and buy the parts to their vehicle.

Thus, WebEliteStudio company introduces you opportunity to develop your own online store, where you will sell the auto details.

For search of car details we use the TECDOC database.


What we offer?

1. Different kinds of car parts searches:

  -  Full-text items search by name

  -  Full-text items search by article part

  -  Selection of auto parts by make, model, vehicle modifications

  -  Search by the tires catalog, oils catalog, batteries catalog, body parts.

2. The basket and payment systems installation to allow customers immediately make a purchase and pay for the goods.

3. Connecting various online auto catalogs to the site

4. The ability to download price lists from the suppliers.

5. The user back-office:

  -  The orders journal

  -  The user private data

6. The admin back-office:

  -  The control panel of user

  -  The control panel of orders

  -  The control panel of goods

7.  The integration with social networks, which will allow you to advertise your website more.


Хороший интернет-магазин – это, в первую очередь,
результат правильного интернет-маркетинга.


The examples of our works:

- Novaton

- City-auto

This is a standard list of site features, which we can offer. If you see the structure of the site in a little different way we also can manage that. The great advantage of our company is that we do not use template solutions, but execute the order according to the client’s desire. Your wish is a law for us.