The creation of the website-catalog

The perfect addition to the description of the company will be the presentation of the goods and services that the company offers. If person can visually see the product, see prices, choose something from the existing range in a quiet home atmosphere, the number of the calls and sales will increase significantly. The website-catalog was created just for such needs.

The website-catalog is a type of a website, which presents products and services offered by the company. Usually this list is accompanied with photos, detailed description, and gives manager's contact information, who can help with the purchasing or give advice. In fact, the website-catalog is a transitional stage from the website-card to the online store, but does not give the possibility to buy directly through the Internet, paying for the order in a distance. This feature greatly simplifies the content management system, but at the same time, gives the opportunity to the customers to select, compare, and create their own thoughts about the product. 

The features of the website-catalog

The main feature of the website-catalog is that the emphasis is making not on the company itself, but on the goods and services that it offers. It is very good if the information about these products will be maximally full, that the visitor could have all the information for making decision: to pay attention to your offer or not.

Of course, the information about the company, the different articles and news can be on this site. This is not just allowed but necessary! The main thing is the right structure, that is intuitive understandable to anyone who came on your site.

The design of the website-catalog

When you order such site in our studio, you get a unique design. First of all, it must be user friendly and functional. That means, that everyone would be able to orientate on the site easily and quickly find the right product. In addition, the colors, the basic composition should incline to stay on the page, to look through the content, to read - means to learn more about the product and see another similar products. Therefore, usually they make bigger emphasis on convenience and orderliness in the design of the menu and on the pages themselves and on the structure of the categories.

Usually, the goods or services are grouped into categories to give the opportunity to the potential client to find a product that he is interested in immediately. The amount of such categories can be different, but it is good if they demonstrate it in some kind of clear logical structure.

The benefits of the website-card:

  • the opportunity to give a big amount of information;
  • the opportunity to present all your products and services;
  • the site has a clear structure, which allows you to not get lost in a big number of pages;
  • the opportunity to give the user unlimited time to get acquainted with a "virtual showcase", which means that a person will require much less time to buy a product or to speak with the manager, to receive from him an explanation and description of services or goods;
  • the website can have any desired sections, in meaning to combine website-card and presentation of the company's products;
  • the catalog can be quite easily turn into the full-featured online store.