The web site-card creation

Very often you can hear the proposals to create web site-card, but not everybody do understand what exactly means.

Site-card is called a site that will represent your company through the Internet. It usually consists of a few pages (up to 10), which describe the company's activity, its offers, advantages front of its competitors, product samples (or portfolio), company's news, for sure the contact information. It is a standard scheme for the construction of such site type. But there can be a lot of variantes, everything depends on the goals and tactics, that company had chosen.


The technical specification for the side-card

Sometimes it may seem that the development of the site begins with the creation of his design. This is not true, of course, if we talk about the quality sites that will represent the company from the better side during the long time. The first thing that need to be understood and what to clarify with is the structure of the future site. Which menu items should be present? What first of all the user should see on the site and what to pay attention on? What kind of audience the site is designed for, etc. From this a clear picture of your site is forming and all superfluous is discarding. All these items are fixing in the specification as a clear structure and plan of work.

The side-card design

The site's design should be unique and correspond with the image of the company. In the best case, the corporate identity is used (corporate colors, fonts), and the logo of course. When the website's design is developing for a small businesses that does not have a brand book yet, the color, font set, if necessary, logo design are making by our designers. Of course, your website must be attractive! After the client's confirmation of the mock-up, we are making the site layout, installation of the management system and filling content. 

The Programming part

The site-card should be simple to use and understandable, not just to the visitors but also to that person, who is making its renewal and support. Thats why, the managing system that we use is very comfortable for everyone, even for those who does not feel very confident PC user. The client makes changes, add news, photos, articles - that means that he has complete freedom of action on the site - it is absolutely not difficult.

The filling with content

The most important thing in the site is its informativity. High-quality texts that fully, accurately and from the better side describe your activity, products or services are the key to the success of a website-card. Of course, the customer can fill the site with the text by himself. Also you can use the services of a professional copywriter who will make easier the filling task (at least from the beginning). For the search engines the optimization of the text for searches is important. In WebEliteStudio we create just such content.


Development of the website-card takes a minimum of time, it is the most economical version of the site, which, if you want, can turn into something more greater.

So, the website-card's advantages:

  • the short development terms;
  • the small budget;
  • the opportunity to give the information about yourself to the Internet, where customers can find everything, that they are interested in, offers, price lists, learn about promotions and sales and all of that for 24 hours per day. It saves manager's time and optimizes their work;
  • the opportunity to advertise yours products, to introduce the company from the better way, to find the new customers;
  • the site-card can be improved by the time (to create a corporative site or even online store based on site-card);
  • the site-card is easy in editing and information updating by customer;
  • the sales growth because the site-card brings to you new clients.