The banner advertising by Google

Probably, there is no doubt absolutely that Google except the rare cases is the undisputed leader among all of the search engines, and it determines the fate of the development of the Internet, its unwritten rules and laws.

The Banner Advertising Google is a great opportunity to convey the information about your product visually to the best suitable audience to you that is interested in the same queries on which they can find you.

Such method of advertising it is not annoying banner advertising that are not topical for you, but an opportunity to show the correct advertisement exactly where it will be the most justified and will bring the largest influx of the potential customers 

  • The advantages of the banner advertising are: 
  • it allows you to make the brand recognizable, even if the user does not clicks on your advertisement. And for a person it is not neccessary to pay particular attention to the banner, his peripheral vision will cover it and the next time when he will see the same logo or the promotional picture people will relate to it without any prejudice, on the contrary, each time he will pay more attention.
  • The fact that these banners are contextual, is making them even more loyal to the perception.
  • the possibility of the geographic targeting. It means that the advertisements will appear only in the right areas.

The banner advertising is much cheaper than the advertising order on the specialized portals. Thus, for the same budget much more people will be able to see it, and it is those people who are looking for products that match your theme.

In this case, it means that the audience is the maximum target. In our studio we have developed efficient algorithms of the banner advertising that will help to use your advertising budget maximum successfully.